You Can Find It In THE HUB

After a year of work, PlanIT Geo™ is excited to release our biggest software updates since 2015!

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The HUB is a centralized menu housing features such as Tools, Stats, Map Tools, Reports and much more; the HUB makes all your essential functionality organized, easy to find and navigate. Additionally, we have also added quick navigation access on the dashboard to your Reports and Admin.


Several new reports are now available with updated styling and faster speed. This includes tabular “Matrix reports” (e.g. Species by Condition) and tree reports with choice of 1, 2, 3 or 6 trees per page, these reports can quickly be printed or shared via URL. Charts can now be “pinned” to your Dashboard for quick access! The Work Order Management Add-On module includes updated Jobs, Service Request, Work, and Work History reports.


The Legend is now “docked” to the right, includes the client logo, and has been streamlined to allow for quick configuration of charts and minimizing the legend to maximize screen real estate. An updated Advanced Filter allows multi-layer filtering (e.g. trees and work records) and a box next to the legend illustrates to users when a filter is applied. Filter away!

PlanIT Geo™ strives to develop the best software in our industry and to share in our client’s success. The Hub release demonstrates that the value of your software subscription grows overtime.

-Ian Hanou, CEO & Founder


Did you know that a filter can be saved within a user login or for all users in a given role? This is a powerful feature to engage volunteers and contractors. For example, a filter can be set where volunteers only see trees in a certain area (a map filter) or where contractors will only see trees that need to be removed (an attribute filter).


A new inspections form and database is now available by request for Complete product level apps. Users can choose specific data fields to inspect and report on changes over time related to tree size, health, and defects. The original values entered for a tree survey are copied into the inspection database to serve as the baseline. This feature does not yet work offline. Contact support to have this added to your app.

We’re interested in your feedback on these important updates to the platform.


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