We Love You Too!

We are humbled and the feeling is mutual!


PlanIT Geo™ developed TreePlotter™ in 2013 and we would not have guessed today we would have clients in 5 continents around the world using our software every day.


Over the past 6 years, our clients have evolved, TreePlotter has evolved, and industry needs have evolved. Close working relationships with our trusted clients have made TreePlotter what it is today. We use TreePlotter every day in the field and use our teams experience alongside our customers’ experiences and suggestions to continually improve the software.

I love this software! The company is very good about always updating it based a lot on customer feedback and requests. Customer support is great and they always respond quickly. - Chris Mest, Tree Care Sales, Acres Group

Our #1 priority is to make our clients lives easier:


” It’s easy to train volunteers or employees to use”


“Operates well in any mobile device we have used from tablets and handheld data recorders to phones.”


” This has been incredibly helpful for our data collection methods, which were previously collected on paper then inputted into the computer. It has streamlined this process to a great extent!”


“Property management has become simple and profitable through the use of the software.”


“Very user-friendly making it a breeze when collecting data on large sites.”

Very comprehensive and customizable Everything a consult needs to inventory or document trees and plants. Increases productivity and reduces the time need to write professional reports ... I have a great competitive advantage, haven't lost a project since I purchased TreePlotter. - Daniel Maple, Director of Operations, A.B.C. Consulting Arborist, LLC

We couldn’t be more excited to watch our clients success explode with the use of TreePlotter. We are here to chat, help, support, and cheer you on, no matter the country, language, or time zone. Please come to see us at one of our upcoming events. Share your experiences and needs so we can continue to improve the world’s leading tree inventory and asset management software for you.

We’re interested in your feedback on the TreePlotter™ Software Suite.


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