TreePlotter™ Work Order Management Updates

One of our most used add-on modules is the Work Order Management (WOM) module. This TreePlotter™ Software Suite customization is a mapping, database, and reporting system for tree bid estimates, work orders, service requests, and invoices designed with the public sector in mind.


Earlier this year we implemented performance and stability related updates to WOM. Since then, we’ve been working on a series of improvements with the intention to streamline and simplify the forms and workflows, and provide greater consistency.


By reducing the number of buttons and ways to create work, we hope these updates will make work management easier and faster for users, and require less training and technical support.

Service Requests (SR)

  • Improved “linking assets” and Work Record creation
  • Track changes in Status and Assigned To
  • Print layout

Work Order (WO)

  • Updated, simplified “Details form”
  • Track changes in Status and Assigned To
  • New print/email and WO preview interface
  • New WO layout with optional SR section

Other Updates

  • Jobs is now called Work Orders
  • Default contractor login role/permissions
  • Additional WR, SR, and WO reports (ongoing)

Planned TreePlotter™ Updates

The PlanIT Geo™ team is looking at additional items for updates and development in the future, here is our list of considerations.

  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Park Inspection Forms
  • Data Table Improvements

More Support Resources

Our support team has been working hard to develop the best video resources for you. Watch our Work Order Management tutorial videos to see the updates to the creation process of work orders and service requests.

Create a Work Order
Create a Service Request

We’re Interested in Your Feedback

Please share your feedback on these important updates to the WOM product. Contact with any questions or suggestions.

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