Top 5 Tree Plotter Tips


There are a few things that we get asked quite frequently from our user base :

How do I search for certain trees?

How do I track removed trees?

How do I share data with someone?

How do I add a species? 


Here are five things that we think every Tree Plotter user should know about:


1. Look Up Table Editor

You add a tree, and when populating the common name, find that the correct species is not available to choose. What to do? Edit your Species Look Up Table! All Admin level users have access to and can edit this table within your app.


2.Advanced Filter

Arguably the most powerful tool in Tree Plotter, the Advanced Filter has all the answers to your questions about your tree inventory! How many Ash trees do I have, and where are they? Where are all of the trees with a DBH greater than 10 and in poor condition? What is the most common species within a certain park or area? You can run simple or complicated queries on your data using this tool, based on fields or location, so check it and see what the possibilities are!


3.Archived Functionality

This is a newer feature that not everyone may be aware of. Say you remove a tree in the field, but you don’t want to delete that record from your data, however you also don’t want it to show up in your current map view. This is where the Archive option comes in to play! By checking the ‘Archived’ box in your Tree Details form, the tree will be removed from your current map view, but still accessible and trackable in your app’s history and settings.


4.Labeling Options

Need to quickly see and know a certain attribute for your tree points? Use the label options in the Print and Map Labels toolbar to apply labels to your data. Explore the Advanced and Show on Hover options!


5.Custom Interactive Map

Want to show someone exactly what you are seeing in Tree Plotter? Send them an interactive map! This tool will save certain map settings in a custom url that can be sent and shared with others.

Reach out to Matt Stapleton, Plan-It It Geo’s account manager, to have all of your questions answered. 

1-833-TREEMAP (873-3627)

 or the support site.

You may also request support directly from your Tree Plotter app by going to Tools–> The Basics –>Support.

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