Seton Hall Students: Plotting Their Futures

Environmental studies students teaming together to identify and inventory trees on campus.

Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey is inventorying trees across their campus and using that data to collaborate with the grounds department to develop long-term management strategies, and calculate the monetary and ecological values of the trees on their campus. The School purchased a Tree Plotter subscription and their Environmental Studies students are putting their app to use, collecting data on 818 trees to date.

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This project has gone beyond theory and the students are not only getting out of the classroom, but gaining GIS , field, and tree identification skills. The project has been so successful that the students are now working with their local government to replicate the tree survey completed on campus. This will allow the students to engage in the local governing processes, long-term planning, problem-solving, and communicating the value of the urban forest.


Photo of students taking picture of a tree


Here at Plan-It Geo, we are always inspired to see students and universities utilizing our software to create partnerships and engagement.

We recently dedicated our Fall Webinar Series solely to higher learning and the use of Tree Plotter on campuses across the US.

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