2019 Winter Webinar Series

Spend an hour with urban forestry industry expert speakers and Plan-It Geo staff as they share their management tools, Urban Tree Canopy Assessments, and strategies for building long term customer loyalty.  


All webinars are 12 PM – 1 PM MST and  include an ISA CEU code.

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Martin Jones from the City of Davis, California will share their asset management workflows used to efficiently and effectively manage parks and trees by working with staff, contractors and public requests. Ian Hanou of Plan-It Geo will demonstrate administrative features and mapping tools available to document park amenities, work orders, and tailor each user’s experience to respond to ever-growing community needs.

Jeremy Cantor of Plan-It Geo will share an overview and examples of urban tree canopy assessments, demonstrating the variety of services and products available to execute an accurate and well-communicated project. Topics will include land cover mapping, possible planting areas, orthoimagery and LiDAR, tree planting prioritization, land cover metrics, assessment reports, fact sheets, and Canopy Planner software.

Before you can provide professional advice on the care of a clients trees, you need to perform a physical, of every tree on the property. This physical gives you and the client an in-depth look at the property as a whole, how you will address the immediate needs, and the means to develop a long term plan to manage the health and risk of your client’s trees. This practice will differentiate your services and arborists as truly expert, and help develop a long term partnership with your clientele.  Evan Sims of Plan-It Geo and Brian Gray of Schneider Tree and Shrub Care will provide tools, insights, and examples on how to implement the medical chart system for your client’s trees.

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