Where Nature and Technology Collide

from the newest Plan-It Geo employee, Frank Mastrobuono


I often comment at the discrepancy between how we have applied the advent of technology to our personal lives as opposed to management of our natural resources. Even when the latter provides us so necessary a service as breathing clean, oxygen-rich air. Technology could trace every step you took along the way to finding and reading this blog post, but


could it do the same for the last drop of water that hit your tongue?


Trees we see around us are all data points along the journey that purified the last drop of water you drank. We have yet to apply the technological advances we have attained as a society to capture the data that paints a complete picture of that journey. More importantly, to comprehend the value of each step. Tree Plotter is a firm step in the direction of applying our technological capabilities to management of our natural resources. For this reason and more, I am excited to join the team at Plan-It Geo.


I have held many relevant roles along my way to Plan-It Geo. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Management, I began my career as an inventory arborist. I went on to serve as Rhode Island’s State Urban Forester before returning to school to earn an MBA from an international business school. Most recently, I co-founded a company that converts food waste to natural fertilizer using worms.



I’ve worked  across private, non-profit, and government sectors in the urban forestry and tree care industries; steadfast in my pursuit to bring the


empathy of shared experience to my work.


I am excited to better apply the technology we’ve developed to manage the natural resources surrounding us, for no reason other than that they purify the water we drink and clean the air that we breathe.


In my free time, I (admittedly stereotypically) have a predilection for anything outdoors. Born and raised in southern New England, I’m a beach kid at heart.  I love to escape to the mountains in the winter. Surfing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, birding, nature-watching, I am into it all. That being said, I am also a sucker for city culture. I love meeting new people, new cultures, new music, new languages, new places, new dispositions—and I have aspirations to travel and experience them all.


I’d love to get to know you! You can contact me at:

frankmastrobuono@planitgeo.com | (617) 862-7725


Whether you are in the private tree care industry, municipal natural resource management, non-profit, university, or just a citizen of the earth, I would love to share insight into how the powerful technology behind Tree Plotter  can add immense value to the management of natural resources under your stewardship.


Looking forward to hearing from you!



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