Get to Know TreePlotter™

Tree inventory software to manage urban forests by PlanIT Geo™

What It Is

Tree inventory software from PlanIT Geo™ to map and manage your urban forest. Built on a web based GIS platform and optimized for mobile use. Used by government, private business, and non-profit organizations world wide.

What It Does

Collect and manage tree data in a map based program, on any desktop or mobile device, online or offline.  Allows real time access to data for unlimited users.  

Why You Need It

Save you and your staff time and money with increased efficiency, better communication, and use of real time data for better decision making.  Your organization will shine when using the latest in cloud technology focused on urban forestry.

Three Simple Steps

To streamline tree plotting
  • Step 1- Pick a Plan

    Several options that work the way you do.

  • Step 2- Add-On Modules

    Choose as many as you need.

  • Step 3- Customize

    Upload your logo and make it your own

Featured Modules

Add-On Modules that fit your business
Work Order Management
Offline Collector
Eco Benefits

What People Are Saying

You’re in the best of hands with PlanIT Geo™.

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